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What is biotensegrity?


Biotensegrity is an emerging new field of scientific understanding. It gives a new way of understanding anatomy, and more generally, of the structure of biologic life.

Biotensegrity has been under development since the mid 1970's. It builds on the explorations of its parent, tensegrity, which got started in the late 1940's.

The structure at left is a tensegrity. The word is a contraction of tension + integrity. It was made from six soda straws, notched and arranged in 3 pairs. The straws do not touch.  Instead of having mechanical joints, they are held in place by the rubber bands which are under tension.

Biotensegrity affirms that this also is how your body works: the bones float in a network of soft tissue under balanced tension.







"A Year of Living with Biotensegrity"

 I wrote this article for the International Feldenkrais® Federation Newsletter,  May 2013.

A year ago a new energy came into my life: the emerging field of biotensegrity.

I met this newcomer because March 31, 2012 was full of cancellations. It was Saturday, a regular work day for me; and usually it’s busy. But on Friday morning, March 30, when I looked at my calendar for the next day, I saw: cancellation, cancellation, cancellation. “Ouch!” I thought, and “Odd.”

Then I looked in my email inbox and saw an unopened invitation to a Saturday afternoon event. I hadn’t opened it because – what’s the point? – I never get to go. The email said Stephen M. Levin, MD would be speaking about biotensegrity. There was also an attached flyer. I opened it and read:

 “Conventional biomechanical theory would have us believe that our bodies are built like machines. Dr. Levin’s biotensegrity theory offers a new paradigm – a new way to view and understand our own bodies, as well as all biological life.”

“Cool!” I thought. “It sounds interesting. And if it’s not – so what? I get to go to a lecture on Saturday afternoon!”

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For my Fall 2013 essay, I have written about the relationship between biotensegrity and balance:

Biotensegrity helps understand balance